Dec 11, 2012

Remembering Who We Are

"Fear of loss, abandonment and the withdrawal of love form a shell around our heart and obscure the light of the Higher Self which is always present, always calling us to remember who we really are.  Each one of us has moments of remembering, when we find ourselves present to the beauty of a sunset, the smile of a baby or the light in the eys of a stranger." Dr. Joan Borysenko

Dr. Borysenko has written books to help people shift from the perspective of the fear-based ego into the timeless love and wisdom of the Higher Self -- which she describes as our essential nature.  Our own essential nature may be so covered with masks -- that we have learned to wear in the hope they will keep us safe -- that even we may have forgotten who we are at our essence.  That is one of the many gifts of being around a baby:  the baby shines through as her or his own essential self from the onset.  It is just beautiful to behold, and perhaps it can help us remember to shine through as our essential self as well.  Things in nature can help us remember our essence too.  As I was sitting at my computer writing, a bald eagle glided very low down our narrow valley.  Magnificent.  Dr. Borysenko says we wear masks to make ourselves lovable or at least powerful, but they really keep us from our own true essence.  Let us try to remember who we were before the donning of masks, and let us remember that at our essence, we are love.   

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