Dec 24, 2012


"The more you praise and celebrate your life, the more there is in life to celebrate." Oprah

What if the above statement is true?  What if our happiness is in direct proportion to our attitudes of gratitude?  There is evidence that this is true.  Have you ever been around people who talk incessantly about their ill health?  Is it a coincidence that more ill health usually awaits them?  If Oprah practiced her own advice, then we have evidence that praising and celebrating what is happening in one's life causes more circumstances to praise and celebrate.  That does not mean that unfortunate events do not happen, but it does mean that these unfortunate events must not be the focus of our thoughts and conversations.   Today, let us celebrate our lives.  What is there in your life to celebrate?  In my life, I have relationships I cherish, enough health to do the things I want to do, weather conditions that are temperate, and ever-improving vision following cataract surgery.  On this Christmas Eve, whatever our religious orientation, let us celebrate our own lives. 

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