Dec 25, 2012

Happy Holidays

"This is a day to let your light shine in the true spirit of compassion and forgiveness that is the heart teaching of all religions." Dr. Joan Borysenko

Whether you practice a particular religion or not, emulating a spirit of compassion and forgiveness bodes well in life.  In this season, which demarcates special celebrations in some major religions, let us look at our lives and notice:  to what extent are we a light unto the world of compassion and forgiveness?  We can be agents of peace in our world, or we can be agents of agitation.  The choice is ours.  Christians celebrate the birth of Jesus this day.  His birth is said to have been a heralding of peace onto all.  How recently have you practiced a gift of compassion without wanting it to be acknowledged?  Today, let us practice peace, compassion and forgiveness toward ourselves and others. 

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