Dec 18, 2012

Staying Healthy

"Cold and flu season are upon us.  Use these tips to stay healthy." Dr. Eric Kuyper

1. Wash your hands.  Most cold and flu viruses are spread by touching surfaces, as the viruses can stay alive for hours and even weeks.  Also, do not touch your face, as most viruses enter through your eyes, nose and mouth.
2.  Eat a healthy diet, to include fruits, vegetables, garlic, yogurt, cayenne, pepper and green tea.
3.  Drink plenty of pure water.  Dr. Kuyper suggests drinking 1/2 your body weight in ounces.  If you weigh 150 lbs, you would drink 75 ounces.
4.  Avoid sugar and any processed foods.  Sugar decreases immune function almost immediately and it takes your body hours to recover.
5.  Take Vitamin D (400-800 IU per day), Vitamin C (1000-2000 mg per day) and a molecularly distilled omega-3 fish oil (2000-3000 mg per day)
6.  Exercise regularly, with 30 minutes per day being recommended.
7.  Enjoy a sauna, as flu viruses cannot survive the heat.
8.  Do not smoke and limit alcohol, which dehydrates the body and can interfere with the liver -- which is a primary detoxifier.
9.  Reduce stress.  Prolonged stress is responsible for 90% of all illness and diseases.  (Caregivers take note!!)  To counteract the stress of life and caregiving -- exercise, meditate and change your thoughts.
10.  Get enough sleep -- most people need 8 hours per night for optimal health. 

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