Dec 8, 2012

What is Our Focus?

"So many times in life, we focus more on the difficulty than the solution." Jack Sacco

In my observations of my own and others' behavior, I would say this is true.  It is so easy, and we seem trained to do so, to slip into seeing what is wrong about a situation; rather than seeing what is right and/or what could make it right.  That is even true of living with dementia.  There are so many things that are going right.  Dwane is warm, safe, has friends to visit with whenever he wants, and people who love and visit (or call and write) him.  Things are good for me too.  I am adjusting to fixing meals whenever I want and of only what I want, seeing the people I want, and looking for what is good and right about my life.  What is good and right about your life?  Most of us who have computers also have shelter, food, and people who love us.  That is more than a lot of people in the world have, especially in the areas in which there is strife.  Today, let us intend to find 3 things right about our lives, and 1 solution for something that may not be quite right. 

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