Dec 2, 2012

Having Dreams

"Living up to a dream is rarely as important as entering it for all it has to teach." Mark Nepo

The above quote follows what Mark Nepo describes as two big dreams of his life:  being a professional basketball player and being a poet.  He says he did not fail at his basketball dream; it is just that being a poet carried him from that dream.  And, later, cancer opened him up to the "uncovered life of spirit" that has carried him beyond poet.   It is important to realize that dreams come and go.  We will not fulfill all of our dreams, and I would suggest that perhaps the Universe has something better in mind for us when our dreams fall by the wayside to make room for something unexpected.  There is wisdom in what Nepo recommends:  that we enter our dreams for all they have to teach us.  I have, off and on in my life, dreamed of being a writer.  My first college degree was in writing.   Other dreams have come and been lived:  My dream of being a stay-at-home mother in an intact family was lived and left.  Needing to provide for my children and me took me through other college degrees and work experiences.  My response to life has been to learn from the experiences life has brought me.  Perhaps now is the time to dream again. 

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