Dec 8, 2012

The Energy of the Seasons

"The earth energy draws us inward in December, while the cultural energy draws us outward to shop and prepare for the holidays."  Dr. Joan Borysenko

The seasons of the year can be instructive to us in our interior journey.  In the northern hemisphere, we are rapidly approaching winter:  the time of going inward.  In nature we see trees and plants have gone dormant, reserving their energy for the coming spring, which signals rejuvenation.  So, too, can we use winter to be self reflective, to take an inner inventory to see if we are showing up in our world in the ways we want to be.  The season helps us as the days are short and the environment covered in freeze and slipperiness (depending on where one lives).  It is a perfect time to stop and consider where we have traversed in life, where we are now, and where we want to go.  Using the time of winter in this way paves the way for new growth to occur -- just as spring follows winter.  This new growth can be nurtured as nature nurtures its growth in the summer, and then we can harvest what we have created in our lives -- as nature harvests in the fall.  Nature, and its seasons, can be very instructive to us on how to live our lives.  We humans and nature can benefit from our respectful honoring of nature and its seasons.

Consider:  What do I want to do differently during this season of winter?

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