Dec 20, 2012

Telling Truth Is Good for Health

"The average person tells one or two untruths daily.  But lying can be hazardous to your heath." University of Notre Dame research

In the above research, people who tell the truth had four fewer emotional problems and three fewer physical ailments in one week than did those people who lied as usual.  The researchers suggest that honesty leads to stronger relationships, which boosts well-being.  So, telling the truth, helps us with fewer emotional and physical problems AND it helps us to have stronger relationships.  It may seem excessive to think the average person tells 1-2 lies per day, but -- have you monitored yourself?  Do you ever avoid the truth if you know there will be backlash, or to not hurt someone's feelings, or to avoid trouble, or to avoid doing something you do not want to do?  I would suggest we all do some of these things some of the time.  But, here is new research that tells us that telling the truth is good for our health. 

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