Dec 21, 2012

Doing Nothing is Good for our Brains

"To boost brainpower, take time for reflection and daydreaming.  They may sharpen learning and memory skills." Perspectives on Psychological Science

Another good reason to meditate.  As a child, didn't you spend some time just immersed in play?  If you are like most adults, you probably do not do that much any more.  Our brains as adults are often filled with tasks to do, plans for the future, regrets over the past.  Perhaps today is the day to just sit, for 20 minutes, and let your mind be at play.  I read once that when the respected behaviorist Ivan Pavlov lay dying of a widespread infection before the discovery of antibiotics, he thought back to his childhood and what were his favorite memories.  He remembered playing in the mud in the river as his mother did laundry and told him stories, and he asked his assistant to bring him a bucket of mud.  And, sure enough, in re-creating those memories and that playfulness, his body returned to health.  How can we support our bodies in returning to health?  What memories of playfulness, safety and contentment are powerful for you?

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