Jun 8, 2011

Interior insight

"Your vision will become clear only when you look into your heart.  Who looks outside, dreams.  Who looks inside, awakens," Carl Jung.

Some people believe that the life we are experiencing is a dream, from which we must awaken to achieve and act from our actualized potential.  This is not too hard to believe.   When one begins working with one's nighttime dreams (trying to understand their meaning), experiences when we are awake seem very similar in quality.  The inner world becomes as real as the outer world, and even richer.  What if we consider that what we experience in life is designed to help us awaken and live authentically?  It seems to me that could be a noble purpose for our existence and the challenges and joys we each have. 

So, today, let us consider what being a dementia caregiver (or whatever challenge faces you today) might mean for your own interior journey.  Is this experience making you a deeper, more mature individual?  Perhaps it is serving its divine purpose.  This is not to infer that God creates challenges for us, but that challenges are a part of our human experience -- and might it not serve us to consider that these challenges serve a purpose?  One thing I know for sure:  we each will have challenges, and how we deal with these challenges will help us develop more fully or we can choose to become more stunted and bitter.  What is your choice today?

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