Jun 3, 2011

New relationship

"Symptoms of dementia such as suspiciousness, false accusations, paranoid delusions and aggression will put even the most loving and committed relationships under considerable strain." Angela Lunde, Mayo Clinic.

I would add to that:  inability to take responsibility for oneself and one's actions.  Even a request to him to try to remember to shut off running water is met with denouncements that he left it on.  It seems it is impossible, and to be honest -- always has been difficult, for him to accept responsibility for his actions.  Amazing, as I have always leaned strongly into looking at what my part of any mishap is.  Yes, the behaviors of people with dementia put strain on relationships.  It helps to remember that it is the accentuated behaviors caused by the dementia that is causing the unwanted behaviors. It also helps to use behavior management techniques.

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