Jun 11, 2011

Peace of mind

"Peace of mind lowers blood pressure and heart rate, brings the immune system to balance and quiets the rational mind, allowing a deeper wisdom to emerge." Dr. Joan Borysenko.

Sounds good; so how do we achieve peace of mind?  As I make my way through life, it is obvious to me that we cannot count on external circumstances to provide us with peace of mind.  The reason why themes of betrayal, treachery, jealousy, struggle are part of some of our great literature is because these things are also part of our human experience.  Try as we might to keep things stable in our exterior worlds, change is inevitable.  So, peace of mind cannot be based upon the capriciousness of our circumstances.  It must come from within.  And, how do we cultivate more peace of mind in the midst of challenging situations, like dementia caregiving?  Meditation and relaxation response are one documented way.  I know I do better in my day because of my discipline in starting the day with meditation and spiritual time.  Exercise is another documented way to support our homeostasis.  Yesterday I went kayaking with my daughter.  A chilly, misty day, there were no other boats on the lake.  Silence and beauty surrounded us.  Nature is a reliable supporter of my peace of mind, and so are connecting relationships - like the poise and supportive presence of my daughter.  Good nutritious food and conversation can support peace of mind, as can having a spiritual practice.

What things do you implement daily to support your peace of mind?  It is so important.

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