Feb 19, 2015

Eliminate Criticism

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"In order to be whole, suspend your criticism.  For life is not a matter of taste, but of awakening, not a matter of finding things pleasing or disturbing, but of finding things completing, not a matter of liking or disliking, but of opening the geography of one's soul." Mark Nepo

Where is the balance -- between settling for things and being hypercritical?  I know people who have to have things just so:  food, lighting, temperature.  I watch them and realize that I have tended to settle for what is.  Perhaps middle ground is the place to be.  It is not good to settle for what is if we can easily ask and have it be better.  It is also not good to never be pleased with what conditions are.  Today, let us consider not criticizing anything.  If we want something different, let's ask for it, and let us be happy with the outcome -- whatever it is.

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