Feb 18, 2015

Using Challenges To Become Better People

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"We are often called further into experience than we'd like to go, but it is this extra leap that lands us in the vibrant center of what it means to be alive." Mark Nepo

Have you ever thought, like me, that you would rather have passed on this caregiver experience?  That, if Life had consulted with you prior, you would have said, "No, thanks."  I certainly have thought:  I could have done without this experience!  But, it is in being led deeply into experiences we have not chosen that our true nature is honed and shaped and developed.  I have often noticed that we get to see the true nature of a person if we are with them during a crisis of some kind -- it is the crisis of caregiving that can make us even better people than we were before.  Remember, according to statistics, 1/3 of us will die trying to do the caregiving, 1/3 of us will have our health badly damaged by the caregiving, and 1/3 of us will come out of caregiving better people for having done it.  Which 1/3 do you want to be?

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