Oct 23, 2011


"Emotions are among the most valuable teacher as long as we don't try to use them to validate our position and make ourselves right." Dr. Joan Borysenko.

As Dr. Borysenko says, if we never experienced anger, we would not know when our boundaries had been violated.  And, if we never experienced jealousy, we would have little motivation to cultivate happiness at other's good fortune.  Our emotions are invaluable in helping us interact with our worlds more effectively.  And, I think there is truth in the premise that if one cannot allow the experience of what we might call negative emotions, then that person is also limiting the extent he/she feels what we might call positive emotions.  So, today let us rejoice in our ability to feel emotions.  Let us notice what irritates (a lesser form of anger) or angers us or makes us sad.  Let us learn and mature by honoring what our emotions are telling us about ourselves. 

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