Oct 26, 2011

Mutual benefit

"The better we all do, the better we all do." Liga Masiva coffee label.

Oprah magazine feature the above organic coffee as a "local hero".  Emily Kerr is helping Dominican Republic farmers sell their coffee directly under this label.  I have ordered some to give it a try.  And, I like the label quoted above.  I really believe that the better we all do; the better we all do.  There is plenty of goodness to go around, and if we promote it for ourselves and others, there is even more.  There are probably some of you who are thinking:  what about the horrific news and evidence of tragedy?  And, those events are presented to us seemingly daily; but it is my opinion that we do much better focusing on what is going right in the world.  The kindness of my neighbor sharing her garden produce and giving us a ride to pick up a vehicle from the garage.  The gathering of women yesterday who gathered just to acknowledge and support each other.  What random act of kindness can you perform or see today? 

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