Oct 6, 2011


"Your body's intuition -- sweating hands or a sinking feeling in your stomach - will point you in the right direction faster than your brain." University of Iowa research.

I think it is important to honor our intuition.  While intelligent thinking and reasoning are vital to our lives as healthy human beings, I think we undervalue and under-use our intuition.  A friend was bored with a meeting and left, just missing someone he would rather not spend time with. Many years ago I was up on the roof cleaning a skylight and the ladder slipped below reach; Dwane - who had been mowing the lawn - had the hunch to come check on me.  Intuition in both cases.   Perhaps in this role as caregivers we can rely on intuition.  I sometimes have a sense that I should check on Dwane, and it turns out to be at just the right time.  Our intellect is something to value and protect.  So is our intuition.

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