Oct 2, 2011

"You may never be totally ready for a difficult situation, but when something bad happens, keep yourself afloat by:"  Mayo Clinic Health Letter

The article on resiliency continues with some pointers on what to do when difficult situations (such as, I might add, being a caregiver for dementia) do occur.  The suggestions are:
  • Take care of yourself
  • Turn to others for support
  • Be proactive
  • Accept change and remain hopeful
Just today I said to someone thanking me for my services that the healthiest people I know are the ones who reach out for support.  Life is too difficult to go it alone; to be healthy, we must have the support of skilled people.  That is part of my intention with this blog:  to provide reliable and skilled support for other caregivers and other people who are experiencing difficult situations. 

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