Oct 19, 2012

100th Monkey Theory

"Years ago scientists observed on an isolated island a monkey washing her food." Kenn Gordon

As the rest of the story of this theory goes, the next day the scientists reported three monkeys washing their food.  Several days later, 50 monkeys were washing their food, and within a month, 100 monkeys were washing their food.  Then the scientists saw on nearby islands other monkeys begin to wash their food.  These monkeys had no contact with the first monkeys.  Before long, this phenomenon was seen all over the world, and this has come to be called "the 100th Monkey Theory".  This theory is used when a previously rare phenomenon rapidly becomes more common.  It would appear that behavior can spread not just through contact, but also through collective consciousness.  One can see it in many places.  I have read that it takes just one teenager to wear something in Manhattan for it to quickly become the current trend among many.  We can apply this to our living.  When enough of us live lives of kindness, compassion, non-judgment and honor, this can affect the behavior of everyone.  You can be part of the tipping point of the prevalent way of behaving in society. 

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