Oct 14, 2012

The Conversation Project

"Talking about dying isn't easy, but it's vitally important. Explore the Conversation Starter Kit and learn how to think about and talk about your wishes for end-of-life experience."

The website cited above is a great resource for having the conversation about how you or someone you love wishes to have their end-of-life experience.  The research states that we, who are caregivers, will have considerably less stress if we know how someone else wants to experience the end of their lives.  It is referred to as the estate of the heart; letting family members know you love them and want to know how they prefer their life ends.  It is also a good website to go to to make your own wishes known.  It is a tremendous responsibility to make decisions for someone else, and this can be made easier if we know what they want and if we have their permission to carry out their wishes.  The website has good information and activities to do that help people get clear about how they want their end-of-life to look.  The information and activities are free of charge.

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