Oct 23, 2012


"There's no question that regular exercise reduces the risk of heart disease and diabetes and strengthens bones and muscles, and studies show that if you find a workout fun, you're far more likely to stick with it." Kalee Thompson

Readers of this blog know that I am an advocate for exercise, and I agree with the above statement that if you find the exercise fun, you are far more likely to maintain it.  Many years ago I bought a piece of exercise equipment that looked good in ads.  I found using it tedious, boring, and frustrating.  It soon gathered dust, but from that I learned that buying exercise equipment was probably not a good idea for myself.  I like variety, I like being outdoors, I like group exercise in which one can have fun and lose track of the time.  What do you like?  It is important to consider this because you are far more likely to do it and to stick with it.  I like walking, but not hiking marathons with a group.  I like water aerobics which are fun and done with a group of kind and inclusive people.  I like time alone with nature, either biking or hiking.  I like to do my exercise first thing in the morning, or it tends to fall out of my day.  Think about what you like in the form of exercise, and now:  let's do it.

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