Oct 3, 2012

Live Each Day Fully

James Dillet Freeman: "Live today as if you had all forever. Live forever as if all you had was today."

Different wording on a familiar theme.  Live today fully.  Each today.  I took Dwane on an outing -- to vote early in the presidential election.  He had not expressed interest in voting, but it seemed natural for me to offer the opportunity to someone who taught history and government for many years.  I was going to take him on for a haircut, but he was not feeling well.  Dizzy.  So, I took him back to assisted living and settled him in with a coke and ice -- his beverage of choice.  The dizziness is a recurring problem.  I wonder if it symbolizes further ravaging of the brain from the progressive disease of LBD.  It was our last warm day for some time, so my intention was for us to enjoy it, and it was enjoyable although shortened.  He again had a list of personal items he wanted from a store, so we accomplished that.  A productive day before a very cold spell descends upon us. 

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