Oct 10, 2012

Choosing our Clothes

"Wearing clothes we associate with positivity can help when we're feeling down.  The women in our study said they felt good in figure-enhancing clothes and bright colors.  We instinctively know what makes us feel good, so we should cultivate a 'happy' wardrobe." Karen Pine, PhD

As caregivers it is easy to let ourselves and our looks fall behind the many other obligations we have.  We are spending so much time taking care of the person with dementia and all the other responsibilities of life, that it seems there is little time and energy for ourselves and how we might want to look.  Even now with Dwane living in assisted living, I am still the one he calls when he has trouble with the television remote -- which is often!! (Does anyone have any ideas on television remotes and their use for someone with dementia?!?)   I personally am not much for bright clothes, but I do like clothes that look good, fit well and are very comfortable.  When was the last time you thought about what clothes made you happy?  Can you take 5 minutes today to look in your closet and choose 3 outfits that make you feel good?  Now, how about wearing one of them today? 

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