Oct 12, 2012

Television Remote Controls

To live in the hearts of others is not to die." Kahlil Gibran

Recently, I asked readers if anyone knew of some way to handle the significant problem people with dementia have with television remote controls.  In the meantime, I have been investigating.  There are universal remotes (warning:  not truly universal -- be sure the remote will work with the brand of tv you have), but they have to be programmed to the television brand -- and Dwane could somehow get his unprogrammed repeatedly.  So, I researched different brands of televisions and found they have vastly different remotes.  Some have tiny buttons with many options from which to choose --- a  ready-made disaster for someone with dementia.  I found a brand which has a rather simple remote with large buttons.  I am not advocating this brand specifically, but merely the fact that when buying a television for someone with dementia, it is prudent to check out the remote for ease of use.  The Sansui has a more user-friendly remote than several other brands I checked.  Now, hopefully, he can enjoy his television and neither of us will be frustrated by his difficulties with the remote. 

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