Oct 24, 2012

Our Influence

"Sometimes we are likely to forget what an influence the life of one man or one woman can be.  Insofar as one individual can show forth a measure of health, harmony, inner peace, joy, satisfaction . . . . . . . . ., in that degree, is that person the light of the world." Joel S. Goldsmith

It is easy to forget how we influence others.  Just as in the 100th Monkey Theory the one monkey who washed her food influenced all other monkeys, so too do we influence others by the way we live our lives.  The more we integrate health, harmony, inner peace, joy and satisfaction into our lives, the more we make it possible for all others to integrate those qualities.  I witnessed this demonstration recently in a dear friend who was facing a very challenging life situation, but in spite of her own challenging situation, she was an inspiration and source of hope for all those around her.  Amazing and wonderful to see.  I saw how people's lives were changed because of her graciousness of spirit.  If she can model graciousness in such extreme situations, surely we can model graciousness in caregiving.  It is our choice.  We can be a source of hope, or we can be a source of despair.  Let us choose hope.

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