Oct 20, 2012

Brain Health

"Harvard researchers studied 16,000 women and found that subjects who regularly ate blueberries and strawberries had brains that functioned as if they were two and a half years younger than non-berry eaters."  Parade Magazine October 14, 2012

As we are caregivers for someone with dementia, it is important for us to protect our own brains.  This research from Harvard is one simple way.  Eat blueberries and strawberries regularly.  Also, if you bike or ski, wear a helmet.  Avoid toxins - to include drugs - that can damage the brain.  Meditate.  Eat a diet of good nutrition, in addition to the berries.  Laugh.  Love.  Enjoy life.  Be happy.  Exercise regularly, especially in a way that is fun for you.  Handle stress by being positive, asking for and accepting support, and relaxation or meditation.  Seek professional counseling if you are unable to handle the stress of caregiving and/or life in general.  These are just some of the ways to take care of yourself. 

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