Oct 28, 2012

Being Right

"Would you rather be happy or would you rather be right?" Jerry Jampolsky

The above quote is so familiar to us that we may not take it seriously.  Recently, I spent some time with someone who has an orientation to needing to be right.  It was a reminder that this seems to be a part of being human.  Perhaps it is groomed in school where - if we could provide the right answers - we got adult accolades (but not always peer accolades).  Perhaps it is based in our inherent curiosity to know things and to know them rightly.  Whatever the cause, needing to be right is a way to keep ourselves at a distance from ourselves and others.  It seems a good practice to focus on being happy.  Another practice is to let other people be right -- that is an excellent discipline to help soften the need to be right in ourselves.  Today, let us set the intention to be happy, and let us let go of the need to be right.

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