Oct 15, 2012

Family Stress with Dementia

"When a loved one has Alzheimer's disease, family stress is inevitable. To minimize conflicts, address the issues together." Mayo Clinic Newsletter

How true.  When someone develops dementia, family stress is inevitable.  The latest Mayo Clinic Newsletter suggests some ways to help alleviate the stress:  Share responsibility, Be Honest, Do Not Criticize, Meet or Discuss the situation regularly.  Great guidelines, but it is not always possible for all family members to honor these suggestions.  If everyone is helping to share the responsibility of care for the person with dementia, much stress is prevented.  Be Honest:  if you are feeling overwhelmed, be honest but kind in expressing your feelings and your desire for more help.  Do not criticize how the caregiver is doing the job; offer to help instead.  Keep communication open, respectful and direct.  If family members will do these things, much of the stress can be avoided. 

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