Oct 31, 2012

All Hallow's Eve

"All Hallow's Eve is a cross-quarter day, halfway between the autumnal equinox and the winter solstice. The earth's currents continue to sweep us inward, down through the gates of death, into the womb where wisdom gestates." Dr. Joan Borysenko

What if the seasons have spiritual significance and what if heading into winter is spiritually significant in the way Dr. Borysenko suggests?  "The earth's currents sweep us inward, down into the gates of death, into the womb where wisdom gestates."  hmmmm   Doesn't that imply that the only way to wisdom is to go within?  And, that in going within, we must die to some things and to accept that impermanence is a fact of our human existence?  On the interior journey I found that there were aspects of my personality that I must let go, must let die, in order for me to be a more developed individual.  The things that typically need to die are self absorption, the idea of separateness, fear in all its forms, the human capacity for evil, any smallness or limitation.  The story of the Wizard of Oz shows us some of the things which must be faced and released on this interior journey:  the cowardice shown in the lion, the lack of clear thinking shown in the scarecrow, limiting the extent we love as shown in the tin man.  Today, let us be willing to let go of whatever human characteristics are holding us back in this journey toward being fully human. 

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