Oct 25, 2012

Not Enough Horses

1900's warning to American people:  "In a few years there will not be enough horses in this country to take care of the commercial needs of the country.  Americans, do something about it." Joseph S. Goldsmith quoting the warning

Not enough horses to take care of the commercial needs?!  Within a few years, human's ingenuity had made the need for horses obsolete by devising the internal combustion engine.  Does it ever occur to you that the same fears put out by politicians and others today might be as unwarranted as this one?  The foolishness lies, perhaps, in believing that we can prepare for the future.  Some recent events have made me realize how little I can count on my own future plans, and isn't that a common saying? - - - that, while humans plan, God laughs.  Not uncharitably, I'm sure, would God laugh --- but only at the folly of us humans thinking our wisdom is sufficient for planning the future.  Certainly, we do need to make appointments and make some general plans.  But, to think that this afternoon will unfold as we plan, is folly.  Sometimes it will, and sometimes it won't.  The real lesson here is:  Do not fear.  Trust.  All is well.   

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