Oct 26, 2012

Being Open to New Information

"I am often overgrown with memories and reasons and twigs of mind that block me from the light." Mark Nepo

How often have you been driving and have no awareness of the terrain that has passed?  Or, how often have you been doing something and only to discover that your mind is completely occupied on a different subject.  It is easy to be overgrown with memories and reasons and twigs of mind, and these obstacles keep us from being open to new information.  As Eckart Tolle is so famous for saying, we have only the present moment.  There is no other time.  Too many of us spend a lot of mental time reviewing the past or planning the future.  A little bit of time reflecting on either of these may be good, but not to the extent that most of us dwell on them.  As we go about our caregiving tasks, let us strive to be really present to what we are doing and the person for whom we are doing it.  Both the care receiver and we will benefit from this approach.

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