Feb 26, 2013


"Winners in life keep their commitments through the tough times as well as the good times.  I am a winner." Jack Boland

Those of us who are caregivers have probably made a commitment to support the care receiver during this period with dementia.  The form of our commitment may change, but most of us will stay committed; and - if Jack Boland is correct, that is the right thing to do.  Yesterday I took Dwane to a play he wanted to see and out for dinner after.  It was a pleasant outing, and he seemed to enjoy it.  My commitment to caregiving now involves going to see him and taking him to appointments and fun outings.  It is prudent for us as caregivers to ongoingly evaluate our commitments to make sure they are still right for us; and sometimes we need to make some space in our lives just to have the energy to see if the commitments are still right.  Is your level and form of commitment still right for you?

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