Feb 7, 2013

Relaxation Helps Our Brains

"People whose brains disengage during relaxation have been shown to be more attentive when doing tasks." Mary Helen Immordino-Yang, EdD, U of Southern California

It is said that Einstein could take short catnaps and be completely refreshed by them.  Twenty minutes of relaxation has been equated to eight hours of sleep -- in its capacity to rejuvenate us.  Taking time for reflection and daydreaming can increase our learning and memory skills.  Working too hard and too long can be a distraction to our overall success -- if it fatigues us and causes burnout.  As a caregiver, how do you find time to relax and daydream?  Tasks abound, the care receiver needs and wants attention, tax season is approaching in the U.S.  So many things to do, and so little time.  But, research and wisdom tells us that we are better for having time every day for relaxation:  a time for our minds to be unengaged, unencumbered with tasks, free from worry and stress.  Today, let us find 20 minutes to be still, to allow our minds to be at peace.  We will be the better for it. 

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