Feb 11, 2013

Dare to Be True to Yourself

"If a person does not keep pace with companions, perhaps it is because he or she hears a different drummer.  Let each person step to the music they hear, however measured or far away." Henry David Thoreau

In an online presentation I heard Linda Cook say that one of the biggest ways we sabotage our own success is by not being true to ourselves, not wanting to stand out, not wanting to rock the boat.  When we are not true to our own inner guidance, we pay a price.  It seems it is really true that we can please ourselves or we can please others.  Pleasing others is a wearing and impossible task.  It is far more prudent to please ourselves.  When we do consider being true to ourselves, we will most certainly get push back from others.  Change is difficult to navigate, and people resist other people changing.  It upsets the equilibrium.  When a person changes, tension is created.  Of course, we will want to consider the perspective of others; but - in the end - let us march to our own music.  Everyone benefits when we have the courage to be true to ourselves.   

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