Feb 6, 2013

Knowing What You Want

"Whenever you know what you do not want, you always know more clearly what you do want, so in a poignant moment of awareness of another person's undesirable situation, give your undivided attention to the idea of improvement that has hatched from your interaction/observation. And as you learn to do that, not only will you be of increasing value to others, but you will see how your relationships with others adds immeasurably to your own becoming." --- Abraham

I have heard many times a person say, "I don't know what I want."  It seems that perhaps women especially are cultured out of knowing what they want.  We learn to believe that what we want is beyond our reach, so we settle for less -- until we no longer remember what it was that we did want.  The above quote suggests an easy way to find again what we want; by noticing what we don't want.  We can notice what we don't want in our own circumstances or in the lives of others, and we can redefine this experience.  We can begin to see that experiencing what we don't want can be a gift by helping us to remember and define what we do want.  A recent example I had was a frustrating time I had ordering something I wanted from a website.  That experience helps me to remember that what I want is ease, simplicity, flow.  Any experience we have or see that we do not want helps us to know and define what we do want. 

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