Feb 14, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day

It is a piece of great good luck to deal with someone who values you at your true worth.
--Baltasar Gracian

It is a piece of great good luck to have people in our lives who value us at our true worth.  Dr. Joan Borysenko says that from the time of our birth most of us have been bombarded with messages from parents, teachers, peers, clergy, ads and the media (and I would add colleagues) about how we have to look, act and feel in order to measure up.  It is, unfortunately, fairly rare to be in the company of someone who values us at our true worth --- and that includes ourselves.  It takes a strong sense of self to offset the messages and criticisms we get from people around us.  It is worth the effort to develop such a strong sense of who we are that we are immune to the judgments of others, and it is good to keep company with people who love us simply for who we are.  Not because of the degrees we have behind our name, or the things we can do for them, or the size of clothing we wear, or the social class we represent, or the color of our skin, or our gender.  Let us love ourselves completely and fully, and let us enjoy the company of those who love us unconditionally. 
Happy Valentine's Day. 

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