Feb 21, 2013

Educating the Whole Person

“Educating the mind without educating the heart is no education at all.” ~~ Aristotle

Both Dwane and I had a career in teaching, and it seems true that once a teacher, always a teacher.  Sometimes the teaching is to ourselves.  There is a current new health approach, called BodyTalk, in which I had a recent workshop.  BodyTalk teaches that our true wisdom resides in our heart, and that it is by connecting the brain with the heart that wisdom and healing are attained.  The techniques in BodyTalk are powerful, and - if you are open to an alternative health approach, I recommend you check out having a session with a certified BodyTalk practioner, who can be found on the BodyTalk website for your state.  Also, more information can be found at the International BodyTalk website   https://www.bodytalkfoundation.org   It is my opinion and my experience that support of our body's health can be found in many places, not exclusive to the traditional medical model. 

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