Feb 22, 2013

Dark Before the Dawn

"It's true that it's darkest before the dawn, but we have countless candles to brighten our night."  Amy E. Dean in Night Light

There are many periods in caregiving for someone with dementia that are very dark periods.  For me one of the most difficult aspects is his dissatisfaction with what is now our reality.  He has dementia, experts have said he needs more assistance than can be provided at home (even typical assisted living centers evaluated and said his needs were too great for them to serve), and the reality is living in a facility that addresses more advanced needs.  Dark, too, is the prognosis of what we are dealing with.  It can literally only go downhill from where we are; the only thing to be determined is at what speed is the downhill slide.  But - within that darkness -- there are candles of light.  My daughter is one of the brightest and most supportive lights in my life, and I have other people who love and support me.  I am grateful for each and every one of those persons who brighten this path that now lies before me.  You, the readers of this blog, also are candles of light for me -- as we support each other unconditionally in the struggles of life.  Thank you.  To each of you I am so grateful. 

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