Feb 28, 2013

Finding Our Soul

"Without knowing it, we, like Jung, work hard at cutting a path to our deeper self that waits patiently for us to arrive, all tired, aching, and out of breath.  Once that path is cleared and once the being at our center is discovered, we can return to the world in relationship with our soul." Mark Nepo

In the above quote, Nepo is referring to a dream Carl Jung, Psychiatrist, had where he was cutting a path through deep woods, came upon a cabin in which a man was praying, and found that it was he, himself, who was the man praying.  We, as humans, do spend a lot of time working in the outside world -- trying to fix things, involving ourselves in schemes in an attempt to achieve a reward, projecting parts of ourselves onto others:  when, perhaps, real life is the work of finding and befriending our own souls.  There are many who believe that within each of us there is a potential, or a soul, or some would say a source of divinity; and that our real work in life is to cooperate in the birthing and development of that part of ourselves.  Within this context, the outer world where we spend so much time working and navigating, is not even real -- but a dream.  It is the inner work that is real.  Whether or not you believe this, we can all benefit from developing ourselves to our fullest potential, and for me, that is the spiritual journey. 

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