Aug 19, 2011

Childlike wonder

"My father's childlike wonder and lovingkindness have lighted my heart and my way for all the years of my life," Dr. Joan Borysenko.

When I was a child and walking in the pasture with my father, I noticed circular areas in the grass that were flattened down.  I asked my father what they were, and he said "That is where the fairies dance at night."  How utterly charming.  Though I knew and my father knew I knew that what he said was not accurate, we both enjoyed the whimsy of it.  His gentle, childlike wonder charmed me then and charm me now.  I am reminded of that when on my morning runs I see the areas flattened in the grass where the deer have lain overnight - circular, just like where fairies might have danced in the moonlight.

When life is difficult, what childlike wonder can fill us with awe?   On a recent morning run, I heard the impatient yelps of coyote pups demanding their breakfast.  I stopped and smiled at the wonder of it.

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