Aug 16, 2011

Rae Lyn Burke

"Since being formally diagnosed with Alzheimer's Disease, Burke has launched a new era in her scientific career:  as a patient advocate and a test subject." San Francisco Chronicle

God bless those people who give their lives in action on behalf of us all.  Rae Lyn Burke is a scientist who became aware that she was developing Alzheimer's Disease, and she has since devoted her time and talents to advocating for people with dementia and being a patient in a clinical trial test for a vaccine that she had earlier helped to develop.  Last night we watched the movie, Changeling.  There are some unpleasant scenes and topics, but I was so touched by the true story of the woman who helped put in place the laws that do not allow people to be easily (and unnecessarily) put into mental institutions.  I think that we as caregivers, too, are doing many of our actions on behalf of us all.  Kathy, a reader, wrote that she is always educating others about Lewy Bodies Dementia.  We also demonstrate for others how to treat with respect people with mental capacities that are different from the norm and deteriorating.  Like Kathy said in a comment to this blog, we can change the attitudes and level of understanding of other people, one person at a time.  Hats off to each of you.   Heroes and heroines for making a positive impact not only for the person for whom you provide care, but for society at large. 

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