Aug 24, 2011


"I release expectations of myself and others, knowing that each is expressing Spirit perfectly in every moment.  Free of judgment and flowing easily with divine order, I bless all those whom I encounter and celebrate each one's unique way of being a godling."  Leta Miller.

A godling; what a fun image.  Free of expectations and judgments?!?  My, oh, my, what a tall order.  It is a goal I have had for a long time, and it is a continuing journey for me.  A large part of my discouragement in the caregiving capacity is that I have expectations of Dwane.  If I am honest, I realize I expect him to be kind, to be able to do some tasks -- such as shutting the dishwasher that I had ready to run - without messing it up; and to want to participate in a plan that is best for him and for me.  I will vow once again to set my expectations aside.  In what way can you recognize yourself as a godling?  In what way can you recognize the care receiver as a godling?

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