Aug 5, 2011

Surgery went well

"Science teaches us that there is not an atom of our physical being that was in it even a few months ago.  I do not see any reason, theoretically at least, why a person could not heal himself of anything, given time  . . . . . " Ernest Holmes   (and, I might add, the right orientation and attitude.)

Thankfully the anesthesiologist was willing to listen to my concerns and avoid both general anesthesia and narcotic pain medications, so the aftermath from the surgery is very different from last time.  No severe hallucinations, belligerence and bizarre behavior.  With his foot structurally corrected, perhaps he will be able to stand with less pain, and he even hopes to walk.

I am taking a badly-needed overnight on my own while the surgery center takes care of him.  Perhaps that will give me the time and strength to pull together the resources we will need when he gets home.

1 comment:

  1. So happy to know surgery went well and prognosis is good.
    Most happy that the anesthesiologist was willing to listen to your concerns.
    New meds always make me nervous.

    Enjoy that overnight alone. You know your husband is in good hands.